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Siege War!

As your new War General, I want to move our fight onto a new level. If you all agree I what to work as a total team and play to win. So what does that mean PLAYING FOR THE WIN, that means controlling four towers, by controlling the middle and not worry about going over to the other castle area.

I have done this when I was playing with other guilds and it works. Everybody has a role and a job and all roles are important.

Players at all levels will take an active role in the WINNING each War.

No one should be sitting on a tower; all will be needed to push forward flame towers, healing trees, ECT.

The system starts with a very important role of the package maker, what I mean by that. This player will stand by the front production building and as other player get Merits they will give them to that player either by running there, dropping them off after they die before going back out there area of assignment.

The Package maker will start by getting down Crystal Extraction Gem’s so we can get Crystal production up, at least five and depending on Merits I would like to get ten up and running. Then the Package maker will put together an basic package of 3 Flame Towers, 1 Illusion Tower, 1 healing tree, and 1 Heart of Honor, . The package maker will announce that a package is ready and I will call out which side should get it. Which brings us to the next two roles of Placers.

We will have least two if not three players be PLACERS their role is to get and bring forward the packages to the side they are assigned too. Which will be center left or right. The team on that side will protect them while they drop the package up at the bridge so we can keep the opponents on their side of the map. This is a time that the Packager needs to pay attention to the Crystal production level so as not to use them all up so the teams can upgrade the package to it full power, all items need to be upgraded with priority to the flames, then healing, honor and finally illusion tower, this will put out fear then heal, increase attack power of both players and towers then area of invisibly. The forward team should also place a couple of Face of Treacheries; Sea washed stones and Eye of Knowledge to enhance the defense of the area.

The last three groups IF we have enough players are out attack/defend/harvest teams.

The left and right team should be 2 high level damage dealers, a tank, a healer, and our other high level players of the other classes to help deal out damage and hold the bridges,

The center team one high level balloon killer, and one or two high level to watch for island runners from the other side so all can converge and kill them, also they can act as runner to take Merits to where they are needed.

So the first thing you see we need apx 15 players in to pull this off and 20+ would be better, also we need at these 6 high level damage dealers to do it as well, so this is our goal, and if not I think we should start thinking about playing for a tie, and then push for a win until we can get enough players to start from the beginning of the war for the win.

I feel this will decrease the chaos and the confusion so we can build the working teams needed to dominate our opponents' in siege war .

Also I think we can put some fun into the game and mess with the other teams head's.

What do I mean, we still put together 3 teams, one two go our tower on the left and hold it, re-enforce it. And if possible push our flame towers too their side of bridge. The 2nd team is the harvesting team and control the center; we should not ever give up the middle island! Why, one we need to harvest as many balloons as possible, 2nd we need to prevent the other team from using the center island to get across to our side. The last team will set up on the far side of our first bridge to prevent them crossing over to our side and to apply a threat to their center tower.

We should be able to run this with our 10+ players we normal get and as we build will be ready and trained to take it to new levels.

The fun will be once we get set up control our ground be able to sent players over to their side and mess with them, attack their towers, gates and kill them when they come running back to deal with our threats to their side.

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